Our Network

Goals, History & Milestones


The Texas Regional Data Managers was founded in 2009 when a group of  STS data managers met for the first annual meeting in San Antonio.  The group, hosted by a member hospital, continues to meet annually for the purposes of education and networking.


The mission of the Texas Regional Data Managers Network is to maintain the integrity of the cardiothoracic database slot bonus 100 through accurate, consistent data collection and submission.


  • To establish a network of Data Managers to enhance professional development in slot pulsa quality data abstraction, analysis, and reporting
  • Share best practices to mentor new Data Managers and improve patient outcomes


  • Improved quality of care for cardiovascular and thoracic patients


  • A statewide conference call, with robust participation, shortly after our regional group was formed.
  • Regular and robust sbobet annual meetings that rotate venues throughout the state of Texas.
  • Development and launching of STS Adult Cardiac web-based training modules available to anyone free of charge.
  • Website launch.

Our Partners